Kroger Feedback – Enter the Survey at & Win Bonus 50 Fuel Pts

Kroger Feedback Survey famously known as the Kroger customer satisfaction survey is an online feedback platform where customers from Kroger stores give feedback on their shopping experience in exchange for a 50 Fuel points survey to your loyalty card account.

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What does Kroger Feedback mean?

The famous Kroger Company conducts an online krogerfeedback survey which barely takes 3 to 4 minutes and provides an opportunity to raise their voice to share their honest opinions about the recent in-store Kroger shops or pharmacy shopping experience.

How to Participate in the KrogerFeedback Survey?

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Here are the important steps you need to follow:

  • To start your survey, visit
  • Choose your preferred language as the site is user-friendly.
  • Enter your survey entry ID printed on your last purchased receipt on the 6 boxes seen.
  • If you can’t see the Entry ID, click the “I do not have an entry ID” link on my receipt.
i do not have a survey entry id on my receipt
  • If you do not have a valid receipt, It is advisable to have an eye on the retail store ID, KS, visited time, date of visit, order, and amount spent.
  • If you have the survey entry ID enter them along with the date and time mentioned in your receipt.
  • Ensure the information you give is precise and click “start”.
  • You will be diverted to a survey page.
  • It will be in the Multiple choice questions format, regarding the quality of the product you purchased in Kroger’s store, the behaviors of employees, the shopping experience, etc.,
  • Answer the questions carefully based on your Kroger shopping experience and submit your survey.
  • Your fuel survey is submitted and a Voucher/Coupon pops up.
  • You can now enjoy your 50 Fuel points on your next purchase in the nearby Kroger store.

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The Sample Survey Questionnaire found at

1.  What was the reason you were just at Krogers?

2.  Consequently, would you consider Kroger as an excellent, good, or the worst shopping destination for you?

3.  Were you generally satisfied or somewhat dissatisfied with the friendliness, availability, and willingness to assist the Employees in departments throughout the store?

4.  On what scale, from one to ten, would you say how satisfied or dissatisfied you were with the shopping experience, walking through the store, location of the store, and cleanliness of the store? 

5.  Were the “happy saving” coupons you were provided and the checkout process satisfactory or not for you?

6.  How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the products: The issue is such a varied one with so many factors that can affect it: the variety, the freshness, the availability, the pricing, and the quality.

7.  Please rate your satisfaction with the following departments: Barryville Market, Murray’s Cheese, Personal Care, Fresh Produce, Bakery, Center Store, Deli, Meat and Seafood, Dairy, and Household Needs. 

8.  Speaking of your experience, how possible would you find it to advise Kroger to your close friends and near ones?

We recommmend you to share your honest opinion regarding your store exprience on Krogerfeedback/survey.

Kroger Survey Rewards

When you complete a survey, you are eligible to participate in the monthly sweepstake program.

Only 1 Entry is allowed for every monthly sweepstake program, and you can win a $5000 or $100 gift card.

Kroger shops around you give you the best shopping experience even after purchasing, with their amazing rewards just by taking the survey.

Once you gain your first 50 fuel pt bonus you can use them on your next purchase at any of Kroger’s Fuel Centres.

How to get the Bonus 50 Fuel Points? 

Let me make it simple for you. Each customer of Kroger shops can participate in the feedback survey on Kroger’s official website and earn Kroger fuel points and Kroger gift cards. This is done by entering the details in your last purchased receipt on the survey form.

The purchased receipt is valid up to 7 days after your purchase to win 50 Gas points.

Earned 50 bonus points are added to your loyalty card with which you can shop your next purchase.

Details Needed for Survey

Survey URL:www.Kroger.Com/Feedback
Survey Prize:Bonus 50 Fuel Points
Languages:English and Espanol
Kroger Survey Is Open To:USA residents
Age limit:18 years
Receipt Valid For:Seven (7) days
Survey Time:Five minutes
Entry Limit:One entry per receipt
Required details for feedback

The most important requirements for the survey  

The main requirement for Krogerfeedback is your purchased receipt and the information in it which includes:

  • Date of Visit
  • Time of Visit
  • Entry ID

If you don’t have an Entry ID printed on the receipt, then check for the following information:

  • Store phone number: Enter your 10-digit store phone number with no spaces (Ex: 1234567890)

Why is Kroger Feedback Survey done?

It is done to improve their engagement with their customers and understanding of the value of enhancing their store, products, employees, etc., 

This shows their sincere commitment to not disappointing their customers.

The feedbacks are sorted out by positive and negative feedbacks and taken into consideration for their betterment.

Perks of Participating in the Survey

The official website, hosts the reviews, experiences, and suggestions of their customers in exchange for Kroger gift cards and Fuel points. Some of their other benefits from the Kroger feedback survey also include their services and concerns towards:

1. Excellence in customer care

Shopping at Kroger has become a favorite for many customers because of the store’s excellence in providing consistent quality service. The outstanding customer care features placed across all retail stores elevate the overall joy of customers. 

2. User-Friendly Feature

The user-friendliness of KrogerFeedback makes it accessible to everyone, including kids as young as six, who can easily navigate the official website and start the survey. 

3. Customer Satisfaction

Kroger focuses on customer satisfaction, thus, Kroger gives great concern to customer feedback and shopping experience in-store. 

Impact of Kroger Survey on Company

Kroger is a transformed company that using Qualtrics has acquired the ability to hear. By conducting the Kroger Feedback, associates feel that they are being heard, valued, and a part of a bigger thing. It’s not just about groceries; it’s about people. 

Ensuring that people are happy is crucial because they serve customers better. The next time you buy that fresh loaf of bread or fresh bunch of grapes, please recall that you have your new best friend called Kroger who is always listening, and improving. 

Customer’s Reviews for Kroger Feedback

As stated in a post from November 2015, participating Kroger stores provide an online Kroger satisfaction survey that pays 50 fuel points, and customers can take one survey per week. The credit earned is a 10-cent per gallon discount on gas. 

One user posted accumulating more than 1,000 fuel points a month from activities such as completing surveys and going shopping. 

Other people have mentioned that they earned 820 points on a $160 order which was a $100 Amazon gift card, 300 bonus points, and 2x points on other purchases. 

Customer Service

  • Assistance: 1-877-444-9772.
  • Sponsor: The Kroger Company, Cincinnati, OH.
  • Website:
  • Main & Vine Feedback Survey URL:
  • Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

What always makes customers visit Kroger so often?

The store is a one-stop shop with a wide range of products and a hassle-free shopping experience.

What makes the survey stand out from other grocery feedback?

Krogerfeedback Survey is the only platform that allows you to share shop feedback and receive bonuses on each purchase.

In terms of cost, is Kroger more expensive than Walmart?

In addition to its competitive pricing, Kroger also provides additional perks like fuel points, for a better shopping experience.

How many Fuel points can anyone earn by submitting Kroger fuel survey?

By submitting the Kroger survey you can earn up to 50 Fuel points.

What’s the worth of Kroger’s Gift card?

Kroger’s gift card varies depending on the total amount you shopped. It may vary from 100$ to 1000$.

How will customers be able to track their reward balance?

Customers can track their accumulated rewards balance any time of the day through their Kroger Plus Card or Loyalty card number on the website.

Even though the competition is tough in the grocery business, what makes Kroger in people’s hearts?

Kroger stands in people’s hearts for its dedication to customer satisfaction and innovation, thus becoming the favorite shopping destination of many people.