I do not have a Survey Entry ID on My Receipt

If you do not notice the survey Entry ID on your receipt, do not worry: you can still submit the other details in your receipt. 

The receipt usually has information on the date, time, and Entry ID at its bottom part.

Store Phone Number: (Enter a phone number which has 10 digits)

Date: (Enter the date in the form of the receipt)

Time: (Enter the time in the format it is listed on the receipt)

Once you have clicked the “Start Survey” button you will be led to the survey questionnaire which you will take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. The preview of the questions is available through this link if you are curious to have access to the complete list.

Survey Related FAQs:

1. In case the customer doesn’t have a Survey ID on the purchase receipt, what should he/she do?

Please enter the “Store phone number”, Date & Time of the Visit to start the survey.

2. Can I sign up without an Entry ID?

You can provide the store phone number, date, and time of the visit to take the survey.

3. What will I do when the day comes and I do not have the receipt with the Entry ID on it? How should I proceed?

The details printed on the purchase receipt are very important to participate in the survey. So try to take a picture of the receipt once you move out of the bill counter.

4. I do not know where my Entry ID is.

We will usually find the Entry ID at the bottom of the receipt.

5. I ran into a problem “Please enter your Entry ID exactly as it appears on your receipt” How should I solve it?

Make sure that you input the right Entry ID in the survey form.

6. Why is the Entry ID showing on my receipt?

It may come to pass, that stores tend to forget about the Entry ID.

If this happens, then you may explore the store or get in touch with customer support for guidance.

7. I would like to ask how I can get in touch with customer support to report the missing Entry ID?

You may also solve the problem by going straight to the support desk of Kroger.

8. Could I have a copy of my receipt containing the Entry ID, please?

Yes, you can go to the shop again, narrate the incident, and ask for a counterfeit invoice.

9. Is there any way of recovering the missing Entry ID other than this?

In the event you don’t have your receipt, request assistance from the customer support department to guide you properly.

10. What if additional data will result in incorrect results?

Re-start the process of surveying and make sure all the correct information is entered to avoid any mismatching.

11. Can I participate in the online survey if I have a digital receipt?

Yes because the digital receipt contains the needed information you become eligible for the survey.

12. Is there any time limit for filling in the survey form?

The maybe isn’t a strict timeline, but it is appropriate to complete the questionnaire as soon as possible after purchase.